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The Hague is a culinary and fun beach city. It offers unique beach bars, restaurants, and cafés. Whether you’re a local or just paying the city a short visit, you’re bound to find a restaurant that suits your needs. A real foodie? You can eat your heart out here. The city offers you all kind of cuisines, from Ethiopian to Nordic. You can go out for a long dinner or just grab a quick bite to eat somewhere. You’ll surely find something that will blow your mind. Oh, and if you’re ready to be whisked off your feet by a very special restaurant The Hague, go to BlueBlood. This luxurious restaurant offers great meat, wonderful seafood, cocktails, and amazing service. Read more about this restaurant below.

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New restaurant in The Hague: BlueBlood

BlueBlood is located in the heart of The Hague, inside Hilton The Hague. The restaurant replaces Pearl, but does things a lot differently than its predecessor. At BlueBlood, the Nikkei concept will excite your taste buds. This cuisine is a combination of Japanese and Peruvian food. Expect lobster, Tomahawk steak, different kinds of sushi and fruit de mer. You will also find beautiful bottles of wine and refreshing cocktails on the menu. Indulgence? We think so.

More about this restaurant The Hague

Restaurant BlueBlood consists of 2 different areas. The restaurant offers seats for 140 guests and the bar offers seats for around 70 guests. In the restaurant, you’ll sit comfortably in one of the velvet chairs or sofas. And from the bar, you can feast your eyes on the countless different and exquisite bottles. In terms of design, BlueBlood resembles the underwater world. Aha, that is why lobster is its signature dish. BlueBlood indeed feels exclusive. And once you’ve been here, you’ll most definitely want to go here more often.


A challenging concept

When you take a look at BlueBlood’s logo, the red and blue colors might make you feel a little uncomfortable. This is because they are contrasting colors. This is exactly what BlueBlood aims to achieve: stand out by doing things just a little differently. You can also clearly see the lobster, an important dish of the restaurant The Hague. Blood oozes from his scissors, giving the crustacean a bit of a dark (or sexy?) twist. That’s exciting…

Behind the scenes

How did this restaurant The Hague come about? Well, the creative team behind BlueBlood consists of Jaco de Kempenaer and John de Jong van Studio Rehab. It is true that this restaurant has an international allure. However, more and more locals are also discovering it. This is partly thanks to the progressive kitchen, but also because it has a homely atmosphere. It is something else! Due to the round tables and cozy interior design, the restaurant naturally invites you to chat with other guests.

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Our menu

‘Nikkei,’ a daring & creative approach
to culinary excellence!

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Restaurant The Hague: Experience

Guests can start at the bar with a drink, then proceed to eating in the restaurant, and finally finish at the bar again. It makes you feel as you’ve gone on a small journey together. You will also undergo what it feels like to switch atmospheres within BlueBlood. You’ll learn that the different spaces have a distinct effect on you. Are you open to this new experience?

Shared dining restaurant

Shared dining certainly contributes to our need for having physical contact again. With shared dining, you’ll connect more to one another. What are we going to order first? Who will take a bite of this dish? In this way, new flavors can also be discovered together. And thanks to shared dining, you will probably also try out new food. Exciting! Even a real meat lover will have the opportunity to try some fish, and vice versa.

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Nikkei cuisine

As stated before, the Nikkei cuisine is a culinary mix of 2 amazing countries. It’s a real fusion of delicate Japanese and fresh Peruvian cuisine. This gastronomic sensation is gaining popularity fast, and it is popping up in different parts of the world. Expect refined flavors, new compositions, and beautiful colors. Key ingredients are lime, pepper, miso, soy, and ginger. Of course, often in combination with raw fish.


Have you never tried lobster before? Now is your chance. First of all, a lobster looks impressive. Secondly, underneath the hard exterior is flavorful and slightly sweet flesh. The flesh is a good source of calcium, iron, omega-3, and other minerals. Did you know: eating lobster meat regularly reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Oh, and the best parts of the lobster are the claws and tail. If you like, BlueBlood’s waitresses can explain what the best way is to eat the lobster.

Sushi bij BlueBlood


Just like lobster, there is always fresh sushi on BlueBlood’s menu. The combination of cooked sushi rice, seaweed, rice vinegar, vegetables, egg, fresh fish, and seaweed always leads to a delicious end result. Hence, sushi is so popular. Maki rolls are a top dish on the menu. They are rolled in seaweed and can be crispy too. Seaweed is also called ‘nori’ and is packed with vitamins and minerals, including B1. Healthy!

Tomahawk steak

BlueBlood is an idea placel for real meat lovers. Then you will be surprised by the Tomahawk steak. It’s very tender and tasty. This specific piece of steak is derived from the last 6 ribs of the cow. It is located in the front of the animal and the meat consists of fine threads and has a naturally soft structure. The meat is served with the bone You will receive a piece of bone that is shaped like an Indian tomahawk axe. Most of the meat is found in between the bones and only a small portion is on the bones themselves. The steaks are kept in dry-aged cabinets that you will immediately spot when you enter this restaurant The Hague – BlueBlood. Impressive!

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Restaurant music

The music played in the restaurant The Hague matches the rest of the ambiance. The music at BlueBlood complements the large restaurant space, without being distracting. There is always live music on Fridays. Several DJs will then play some funky tunes for you. BlueBlood recognizes the importance of music for a restaurant. Nothing more annoying than a restaurant where the music is too loud, or the songs get on your nerves. You can be assured that this is taken care of.

Events at this restaurant in The Hague

There are 2 reoccurring events at BlueBlood, namely: Ladies Uncorked and We Love Fridays. From 5pm on guests can order a glass of wine, some champagne or a delicious cocktail with a discount. Grab your friends and let’s go! The oysters are on offer on Fridays. From 4 – 6 pm it is your moment shine here. A good spot for Friday afternoon drinks. Also, a DJ will be playing the entire evening.

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Our menu

‘Nikkei,’ a daring & creative approach
to culinary excellence!

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Benefits of restaurant BlueBlood:

  • Private parking – it’s very difficult to park in the center of The Hague. Luckily, this restaurant is part of the building in which the Hilton hotel is situated, so there is always plenty of parking space. This way, you don’t have to walk far to the restaurant or adhere to a maximum parking time
  • Attention to details – from the interior design to the different flavors of food; and from the cocktails to the journey within the restaurant, everything has been thought of. It’s the only way you can experience a complete afternoon or evening away. No, this restaurant is not for brief visits. It’s all about relaxation, pampering, and quality time for you
  • The Nikkei cuisine – this special kitchen combines the best of both worlds. It really shows how 2 cultures can complement each other in terms of food. You can also taste delicious lobster, steak and seasonal veggies here. The dishes are plated every so uniquely, and you will not be able to reproduce this at home. Every dish and cocktail is a real piece of art

Choosing a restaurant in The Hague

What requirements should be met by a restaurant in The Hague? Aha, if you’re looking for a fancy and fun night out, you should definitely give BlueBlood a try. You’ll receive proper attention, great food, a superb atmosphere, and delightful cocktails. The staff will uplift your mood with their service and will give you good advice about the various drinks and food options. Indeed, BlueBlood is not for everyone’s budget. That is why dining here is a festive occasion. A real treat!

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2 Google-reviews of this restaurant The Hague

“Really enjoyed my experience here. Both the restaurant and the bar are run by the same team. The bartenders have 10+ years of experience and compete at the highest national level. They add interesting spirits and garnishing to any drink. Either a perfect classic cocktail or a new creation, both will have new angles you never knew existed. For a party, go Saturday, during the week expect a more lounge-like environment where you will have a great experience with the cocktails.”

“The restaurant has a good menu and the dishes are well executed. The service is above average for the Netherlands. Knowledgeable staff are attentive and the wine steward makes good recommendations. I will definitely come here again.”

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Want to know more about this restaurant? You may scroll through the other pages on this website, such as having a look at the current menu. Also, you’ll get a good first impression by looking at the photos. Use the online tool to make your reservation, or pick up the phone. You are ready for a night out at BlueBlood!

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