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09 June

Graduation Day

Finally graduated? Hooray! It is time to celebrate this victory on the 9th of June with your family. To take a moment and reflect on the end of an era. School is over and the world is your oyster. Exciting plans are probably in the making. For now: say cheers to your hard study work paying off and be grateful for the support of your loved ones. What we offer:

  • Happy hour from 17.00 – 19.00: order 2 for the price of 1 cocktails. In for a Pornstar Martini?
  • Amazing music: our live dj’s will set the right atmosphere for you. And get the party started!
  • Delicious food: from lobster to Tomahawk steak – our menu will surprise you.
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Why celebrate your graduation?

Your graduation plays a key role in your personal timeline. Why?

  • It’s a symbol of change as this is the starting point for moving on to new adventures
  • Take a moment to appreciate what you’ve achieved so far and what this education has given you
  • It brings together family members. Give them credit for the role that they’ve played

Cocktails at BlueBlood

We have a separate section in our restaurant for cocktails and drinks. The impressive bar displays a lot of recognizable as well as exquisite bottles. You are escorted to the restaurant after you’ve had a few drinks. And this is also where your evening will end. Embark on this journey!


New flavors

At BlueBlood, you will surely discover new cocktails. Let our mixologist enlighten you with the knowledge on various combinations and fusions. Are you open to try something different? Oh, and of course: you’ll pay for a cocktail and get 1 for free on the 9th of June.

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Our doors are open

Hah! You will not forget an evening at BlueBlood. Expect excellent service, a shared dining concept and great music. Starting off your evening and also ending it at the cocktail bar makes it complete. So, invite your family and bring them here.

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