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19 June

Father’s Day

Want to surprise your dad on Sunday the 19th of June? Invite him for dinner at BlueBlood. Expect delicious food, amazing drinks and good vibes. This day gives you a chance to let a father figure know how much you appreciate him and how you want him to be the center of attention that evening. What we offer you:

  • A special deal: dinner is for free for the fathers
  • Great music: all the tunes from back in the days
  • Daddy steaks: grilled by our chef Frank Uphoff
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Daddy steaks

A daddy steak is an extra thick rump steak. It is one of the biggest steaks on the market and also called a ‘Big Daddy Steak’. Why you should order one:

  • It has a lean texture. This makes it a big, flavorful, and juicy piece of meat
  • Our brains have been hard-wired over thousands of years to enjoy the taste of beef
  • it is grilled over a very high heat and then needs resting time. The result? An explosion of taste

Our charcoal grill

Our in-house steak is the only real meat breed from the Netherlands. Want to know how we give our meat that distinctive nutty touch? We believe in maturing the meat on the bone in our dry-aged refrigerators. And then using our skills on the charcoal grill to give the steak a whole another dimension. Wow!

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Dry-aged refridgerator

This high-class fridge is also called a climate cabinet. The humidity inside is controlled and sterilized through a complicated process. We store our meat in here for a few months. All good things take time! The result is amazing dry-aged steak.

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Chef Frank Uphoff

He is a dedicated chef with over 25 years of experience. He has worked for Hilton, Marriot and Michelin-rated fine dining restaurants. He now works for BlueBlood and aims to show you his love for food.

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