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Ladies Uncorked Blueblood

We are focused on dynamic and quality driven experimentation. We believe that, if you can dare to dream, you can dare to make it into a reality.


Explore the Unknown

Get ready to be amazed and delighted by our alternative and experimental approach to cocktails.

The bar is the atmospheric heart of BlueBlood, set in the beautifully lit atrium and adjoining the restaurant. A place where imagination is the playground for innovation. Our bartenders are constantly working on the edges of conventional thoughts and experimentation to create a truly unique cocktail program.

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Our wines

Food has never tasted better than with a glass of wine. There is one for every occasion and celebration. The team has carefully selected world class wines which make you crave for more. The only question that remains is: red, rosé or white?

Wine menu
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Our cocktails

Our General manager & Global Opihr Gin Mixology Champion Lewis McKenzie has worked closely with BlueBlood’s Head Mixologist Jonathan Dyrborg and his team to create an experimental cocktail program. Get ready to explore the wonderful signature drinks along with BlueBlood’s very own creative approach to elevating classic & contemporary cocktails.

Cocktail menu
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